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Premium classes in cartooning, gaming, design, animation and comics with feedback and takeaway projects!

NEW! The Beginners Guide to Digital Art and Game Design Using Pixlr

In this 4 week course students will learn the basics of designing art for games using Pixlr

Students will have the opportunity to design the overall look and feel for the Gorilla Run game by learning how to import and manipulate game assets into Pixlr.

At the end of the four lesson block, students will also have a series of designs that can be used in their own art and design portfolio.

This is the perfect short course to introduce artists to the game design world who would prefer a more design approach rather than programming.

The Ultimate Cartooning Course

In this ongoing weekly course students will learn how to create and draw popular cartoon characters from TV and Film

* This is a subscription class, where you can cancel at anytime. Each class is unique with new material and worksheets uploaded each week*

* Please choose just one day that suits and you will be subscribed for that day until you cancel*

* Under or over the age limit? No problem! Please let me know and I’m sure I can accommodate*

Welcome to the the most comprehensive, online cartooning class for students that have learnt basic drawing skills and are ready to pathway into some all mighty drawing challenges.

Students can start at anytime as course continues again the following term if you have missed anything.

PARENTS! * You have a prodigy cartoonist that doodles relentlessly late into the night and always that few minutes in the morning just before heading out the door to work, on the bus, at lunch, on the way home on the bus, on the toilet…Hi! My name is Rob, chief tutorial designer and founder of Mcleay Workshops, an online cartoon school for people that can’t stop doodling. I teach students the ability to draw well, using the Draw 8 Method a process I designed while teaching over 2000 students throughout Auckland, New Zealand.

I have brought my project making skills from the classroom to an online environment, giving students the chance to flex their drawing chops with plenty of exciting and cool projects.

Come join me on my quest to bring the joy of cartooning to everybody on the planet!

Every week students can log on and join my live workshop, where they can have the opportunity to learn the secrets of drawing like a pro. These are tried and tested methods from the animation and gaming industry. The workshops are fun, engaging, and educational. Students will enjoy the very best content that focuses on both technical ability and challenging projects.

Each week I will be using content from my published materials and books*

The Ultimate Cartoon Project Book (Over 100+ projects for those creative students)
The Character Design Course (The fundamentals of drawing characters using animation concepts)

With bonus tutorials learning to draw a popular cartoon character from the movies/TV/comics using construction sheets*

Workshops are designed to keep students engaged for hours on end with challenging studio projects putting their skills to good use.
Join me on my adventure to teach all of my 100+ projects into a complete online visual development course for anyone looking to break into the industry.

I look forward to catching up with you on my next course!

Course Content

Each week we work on developing our core drawing, character design and story telling skills, alongside individual cartooning projects to complete.

Goblins and Pirates – Introductory Design Course Using Pixlr

This is 4 week flex course run through the Outschool platform. Each week students will complete a unique design project using the free online design software PIXLr.

In this 4 week flex course students will be introduced to the fundamentals of PIXLr which is very much like Adobe Photoshop (Industry Standard Software).

Teaching Method

On Demand Videos that will be uploaded weekly + unlimited personal feedback via Outschool discussion board + video feedback if necessary.

I will be teaching students to develop new concepts by delivering a comprehensive step by step walkthrough for each lesson. The students will then be required to use this as inspiration to develop their own unique concept and present to their class peers each week for review and feedback.

Weekly Interaction With Other Students

Every week students will work with others to collaborate on new designs. This will be done as a weekly assignment where they will have turns at being the “owner” of a digital design or games agency and will develop concepts for other students to complete. These will then be shared and discussed online in the classroom.


To make sure that students are keeping up with the projects, there will be a deadline each week of every Sunday. Giving students 7 days to complete their tasks and share their original concepts. The following week there will be feedback and discussions on the previous weeks work.


Students are required to upload their course week each to the class forum. I will provide comprehensive feedback via comments and if required video.

Week 1 & 2 Understanding PIXLr & Project Pirate Trading Cards*

As being the first class, I will go over the fundamental tools that will be used over the 4 weeks and the basics around file management and naming conventions.

In this week’s project, I will be introducing students to the world of trading cards with the theme focused on Pirates of the Caribbean

Students will be given a real world “scope” and be asked to be the art directors of digital design company

*Students will be required to watch all videos, complete the tutorials/projects and then post their work to the classroom where I will be providing feedback and ideas

** Week 3 – 4 Game Project – UI Elves and Goblins Theme***

In weeks 3 and 4 we move on to designing the user interface of an “Elves and Goblin” game!

Students will be given a real world “scope” and be asked to be the art directors of digital games company

*Students will be required to watch all videos, complete the tutorials/projects and then post their work to the classroom where I will be providing feedback and ideas

Do You Love to Draw & Design?

Hello, my name is Rob McLeay and I run this operation! I’ve been teaching drawing for over 25 years so I know a thing or to about how to unleash the creator in new artists.

NZ’s First Premium Online Creative School

I’ve launched NZ’s first premium online creative school and would love to have you come on board in this exciting new adventure!

It’s a fun, flexible and project driven environment, providing students with an alternative way to enhance their drawing & design abilities.

For 25yrs I’ve been following the mantra of a Fun, engaging and inspirational” teaching style and will continue to do so for students

A doodler’s dream, we do cool stuff like…

Every month, I run new courses that are taught in a blended learning environment, with on-demand videos, projects, challenges and direct mentoring from myself.

Course Outcomes

Students will have a structured pathway based on their skill level

Students can progress at their own speed and level and are able to re-watch courses to help understand drawing concepts. Included in each course are easy, medium and hard challenges and for those serious illustrators looking to pathway higher they can get critical feedback and expert mentoring from myself,

Cater for multiple age groups

No matter what age you are, every course I design has multiple levels from easy right up to advanced.


Goal #1 Have fun!

When designing courses and projects I make sure the student has fun while drawing. Based on first-hand experience, enjoying the process of creating then slowly introducing the technical aspects of drawing works well.

Goal #2 Loads of engagement

I like to make sure that students are engaged at all times this is why there is both a downloadable worksheet for each project that compliments the online tutorials. Each course is themed and has been inspired by the animation and gaming industry and is broken into three components: Warm ups Technical & Project

Goal #3 Every course is inspirational

My third goal is to make sure that everything that I create is inspirational so boring goes in the bin.

So much content, so little time

With over 100’s of well curated projects in the pipeline, it’s going to be tough to get through them all. But that’s ok, students can watch and re-watch each project every week plus also get access to a treasure trove of brand new and exciting content.

The 24/7 Mentoring Group

Students can get their projects marked each week by a specialist tutor

An important part of a students growth is to receive critical feedback. This helps with getting over drawing blocks, hurdles and technical challenges. Projects can be submitted to the marking portal and are then analysed and returned back with action steps to get better. Students are more than welcome to submit as much content as they want, and if needed a 5 min Zoom chat to fix any hard stuff!

Benefits of Enrolling

  • Affordable fees
  • Students will be able to submit their work to a students only mentoring group for critique, marking and get mentored by Rob McLeay
  • Plenty of projects & courses to complete, more added monthly
  • Loads of drawing & design challenges to work on and send in
  • Options to pathway into harder courses to develop the skills as an artist