Introduction to “Learn how to Draw Female Characters – Advanced Course Part One”

Hi, it’s Rob here from the Rob McLeay Drawing Show, in this mammoth course post you will learn how to draw female characters and dig super deep on the finer details of female character design!

Note: this post is a work in progress, so keep coming back for more top notch content

The objectives of this course are to:

  • Enable you to become a faster drawer;
  • Gain more confidence;
  • Learn what types of skills, research and analysis it takes when designing female characters; and
  • Give you the courage and ability to start aiming for those top industry jobs;

This advanced course is designed for experienced drawers who have about 500 hours under their belt as we use plenty of traditional illustration concepts such as shapes, outline (silhouette) and detail.

Once you begin to use and understand my methods, it’s all about the practice so feel free to pop over to my FB group to share your art for some constructive feedback!

Just Like a Real Life Studio Brief

This blog is designed to simulate a studio brief, it is here where I will incorporate the best practice drawing methods, such as The Draw8 Method.