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A course teaching students the fundamentals of designing characters with mentoring from founder Rob McLeay

If you love to draw characters then you will love this show! What you will learn:

  • Enhance your character designing skills by learning how to turn your flat and uninspiring characters into modern day masterpieces!
  • Master the art of facial expressions
  • Expand your pose library to add energy and life
  • Use silhouettes to create eye popping characters.
  • How to draw from memory and discover how shapes can help you draw faster from your imagination
  • Challenge yourself with many projects and challenges to keep you busy for a long time
  • 365+ days access to course content


Udemy Platform $19.99

Udemy is a pay per course platform. Pay once and get full access to The Character Design Course.


Watch everything! Includes the following and 1000’s of other creative courses for a low monthly fee.

The Bumper Cartoon Project Book 2014 – 225 pages (Black and white)

Hello future cartoonist!

My name is Rob Mcleay, founder of Mcleay Workshops (Auckland, NZ), we provide tutoring in comics, cartoons and animation for young talent.

Do you love comics, cartoons, gaming and animation? In this epic book of awesomeness, you will find 225 pages of fun filled projects, quite similar to what you would get working for a company in a studio.

Each creative project has been tested by over 100 students in my Auckland studios before going into this book, it caters for all levels, from the complete beginner to the advanced artist.

These projects are a collection of the last two years of teaching all piled into one HUGE bumper issue  – enjoy!

Mr Awesome http://www.mcleayworkshops.co.nz

Rob McLeay Chief Tutorial Designer

25 years experience in teaching illustration and cartooning to all ages.

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